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Every Door Real Estate is the first real estate firm willing to replace the outdated model of an independent agent with our entire team of dedicated, subject matter specialists.

Guaranteed SOLD in 19 days or less or we will sell it for FREE.
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"Kayla and her team were very professional, knowledgeable and prompt in responding to all my questions and concerns. The sale went through quickly and efficiently. I would definitely contact Kayla again if I ever needed an agent in the Seattle area."

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Guaranteed SOLD in 19 days or less or we will sell it for FREE.*

You saw the little asterisk after our guarantee right? What’s that about? Well, we put it there so you would see it, but we’re not afraid of talking about it either. Here’s the stipulations:

1)  The listing price is set at a mutually agreed market value determined on the basis of the market conditions and comparable homes.

2)  The Seller agrees to permit real estate brokers reasonable access to the property on a daily basis in order to show the property to prospective purchasers, and that the property be maintained in “showcase” condition during these times.

3)  In the event that the home has not sold within the first 19 days of listing at the agreed price, Every Door Real Estate will continue to market your home for an additional 5 months and not charge you any commission whatsoever with respect to the listing portion of the commission. However, you will be responsible for the buyer's broker's portion of the commission which is payable to the agent/company that brings the Buyer.

4)  At ALL times during the listing period, you acknowledge that you will be responsible for the buyer's broker’s portion of the commission regardless of what company originates the offer.

5)  You agree to sign a 6 month Listing Agreement with Every Door Real Estate.

6)  If you receive an offer at or above the guaranteed sale price within the first nineteen (19) day period, we don't require you to take the offer, however if you reject that offer, then this Guarantee is null & void.

Why list your home with Every Door Real Estate?

Every Door performs as promised or you don't pay. It's that simple. You might be thinking why do I need this guarantee when everything sells in this hot market.  You might be surprised to know that nearly 15% of homes failed to sell in the last 12 months. Work with the wrong agent and you may be one of them. Every Door is willing to take all the risk so you don’t have to, and this gives our clients much greater peace of mind in the home selling process. 

We will prepare and market your home to ensure we maximize your investment.  Take the uncertainty out of selling and list with Every Door Real Estate.


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